Health and longevity depend on lifestyle

Here we need a definition of health, what is health? Many people say that first of all, there is no disease, it is true.
There are three types of disease threats to our lives, accounting for 72% of the cause of death. The first is the cardio-cerebral vascular diseases. The second is cancer, the third is a respiratory disease, in addition to obesity, osteoporosis, cholecystitis, gallstones, fatty liver, cirrhosis, depression, chronic infectious diseases, which diseases over 40 years of age is the common people, the large number and broad scope of disease, is a chronic, non-communicable diseases.
We are now almost the disease with the developed countries, but the standard of our economy is even worse than many developed countries, these diseases were not produced, due to economic reasons, and further development of our economy, not to solve the problem of disease.
Human health is not necessarily a simple issue of tonic and sports, the World Health Organization for a basic health estimates that: 15% of health depends on the genetic, 10% depend on social conditions, and 8% depending on the medical conditions, 7 % depends on the natural environment, and 60% depending on their lifestyle.

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