What is Water Health Life?

Water Health Life helps the world’s poorest communities to secure long-term access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation.

Water Health Life provides long-term solutions including:

  • Protecting springs
    This prevents the spread of waterborne diseases.
  • Drilling boreholes
    Boreholes enable communities to collect water easily and safely using a pump.
  • Sinking wells
    Sinking a shallow well means the well is only deep enough to reach the water table. It is covered to prevent surface contamination and reduce evaporation.
  • Building toilets
    Toilets dramatically improve sanitation and reduce the spread of disease.
  • Building rainwater tanks
    Rainwater tanks allow communities to access reliable drinking water, even in times of drought.
  • Training communities in water source maintenance and sanitation
    Training is a great way to ensure improvements are sustained in the long term.

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